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Middle English Literature at the University of Hull (2006):

The introduction to Middle English Literature is a compulsory module in the first year of the English BA. I taught the module to six groups in weekly two-hour seminars. We studied a selection of Middle English Lyrics, Sir Orfeo, Chaucer's 'Reeve's Tale' and the York Crucifixion in a four-hour workshop. The module introduces the students for the first time to Middle English as a language and the medieval as a cultural context. A class trip to York for a production of two Canterbury Tales brought this module to conclusion.

Introduction to Old English at the University of Leicester (2006)

This module consisted of lectures, grammar classes, and translation and literature classes. Throughout the Winter Term of 2006 I taught four translation and literature classes per week. We translated and discussed excerpts from a selection of Old English texts including a Saint's Life, The Wanderer and The Dream of the Rood.

Workshop (King's College, London):

I have co-lead a one-day performance-based workshop on Medieval Drama with a representative group of the Lords of Misrule. The Workshop consisted of an introductory lecture to the Mystery Plays, their original context, textual evidence and the challenge of their performance. This was followed by group discussions based on extracts of the Wakefield plays with an ensuing performance of the Second Shepherd's Play (Which the students had read previously).

Adult Education (Language School Gough):

I have taught English as a foreign language at the Language School Gough, Solingen, Germany in 1997 and 1998 as well as 2001. Classes ranged from absolute beginners to preparation classes for the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency and were held as one-to-one tutorials or in small groups of up to 12 students.