Current research
Current Research and Knowledge Transfer Projects
    A Companion to the Exeter Christ
(With Bruce Gilchrist, Bishop’s University, Québec, Canada)

This project grew out of two sessions at the 2007 International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI. The book will combine new publications with reprints of existing articles and a bibliography specifically for the studied texts  in a critical reader for the first three poems of the Old English Exeter Book. The book is inspired by similar projects such as The Cynewulf Reader (ed. Robert Bjork; Routledge, 2001), and The Poems of MS Junius 11: Basic Readings (ed. Roy Liuzza; Routledge, 2002), but will be more substantial in its scope.


  Whether Wikis Work
(With Christina Welch, University of Winchester, UK)

This project, which has received a Learning & Teaching fellowship from the University of Winchester, studies the effectiveness of and student experience with wikis as non-linear form of assessment. We are especially interested in personal wikis, a hitherto unusual use of the technology which underlies wikipedia and wikidictionary. The focus on one student per wiki makes the new format comparable to the traditional essay whilst avoiding the linear structure which the essay dictates. The new form of assessment also lends itself to formative instead of summative use.


    Medieval Drama Workshop
(With Stephen Hall, University of Winchester,UK , and Martin Arnold, Lesley Coote and Phillip Crispin, University of Hull, UK)

The Drama workshop will bring together scholars and students in an interdisciplinary exploration of medieval drama. The workshop, which is planned for 2011, will lead to a textbook as interdisciplinary companion to the study of medieval drama, accompanied with an online platform for annotated editions of the plays.