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Teaching at the University of York:

Old English (2005-2006):

I have taught a one-year Old English language course for second-year undergraduates. The students were introduced to the grammar of Old English and guided through the process of translation in weekly classes in which they also explored first aspects of Old English Literature and the Anglo-Saxon historical context. Translations included a Saint's Life, extracts from the Old English Bede and poetry such as The Wanderer and the Dream of the Rood. The course serves as preparation to the Anglo-Saxon Literature module which is taught in the following year. Special consideration was also given to Wulf and Eadwacer in a comparative translation exercise.

Middle English Literature (2003):

This first year undergraduate paper in Middle English literature consists of a weekly two-hour seminar, a weekly one-hour language class plus essay tutorials. Middle English literature is studied with respect to its cultural and linguistic context. The seminars were structured according to themes, such as 'Dream Poetry', 'Satirical Poetry', 'Courtly Ideal', 'Political Poetry', 'Identity and Authorship'. Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and Malory where taught in separate seminars, and Middle English Drama was introduced in a 4-hour workshop on the York Mystery Plays. The texts included next to those already mentioned a large number of Chaucerian works, Pearl, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Piers the Ploughman and The Book of Margery Kempe.

History - Period I (2004):

This course is one of the BA History first year general period courses. I have taught the weekly one-hour discussion group (plus essay tutorials and exam marking).

Approaches to the English Language (2002):

I have co-taught this course, which introduces the student of English Literature to the role of language in literary interpretation. This includes style and grammar as well as rhetorical devices and a general outline of language change.